New 3-D Printing Club


Tired of the 2-D world? Art teacher, Tracy Cobus is proud to announce the beginning of the NEW 3-D Printing Club! The club will be held on Tuesdays at lunch in Room 221. Students will be given the opportunity to put their creativity to use as they begin to interact with the new technology. All are welcome to join!

Linoleum Blocks: Progressing 

Throughout the past few days, the Art Class has been working on their Linoleum Block Art. Most of the students have progressed to the cutting stage. They use a sharp tool to cut into the linoleum, to make their prefered designs. They are all progressing very well! 

Here, we have Madison Maika working on her art.

The Beginning of the Inuit Lenoleum Block Art. 

Today, The Grade 9’s are working on their Inuit Linoleum Block sketches. They choose a design from the Inuit art, and make their own design . Using a cutting tool, the students scrape the Linoleum block into the designs they want. Later, they will print them off onto paper. The students are excited for this project! 

Rebekah Broughton, sketching a fish for her Inuit Linoleum Block!

Paint Paint Paint!

Today, some of the students from  the Art Class are painting the Nativity Christmas cut outs for a play, using black paint. 

Shanna Beauchamp of Grade 9, painting the cut outs.

Walking in a Winter Woodland! 

Within the last few days, the Grade 9’s have been working in their sketchbooks and on their Woodland Art pieces. The students have lots of energy and have been working hard on their art, following up to the Christmas break!

Sketchbook Sketch List

Heres just a look on what the Grade 9 Art Class is working on weekly. Students have to draw 3 drawings of these topics, for their weekly sketches. 

The drawings only have to take 15-20 minutes long. Students like doing these to de-stress and doodle on their free time! 

Tired Teen Thursday 

Today, the Grade 9 students return from their Bring Your Kid To Work Day experience, to work on their portraits and Haida designs.
Their Haida design is a picture they have to make, using the aboriginal (Haida) art style. The class is eager to see how their art will turn out in the near future! 

Aboriginal Art Paintings! 

Below, are some pictures from the Grade 9 Art Class, who were continuing their Aboriginal Story Paintings. 

These Grade 9’s have some serious talent, and they’re not messing around. Every stroke, slash and dab of paint count to these young artists! 


Art Club is voting THIS LUNCH who’s pumpkin is the most creative from them all! 

The pumpkins are set out in front of Student Services, you can look but please do not touch! Come take a look before they get voted! Remember-everyone’s a winner! 

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